Putin’s America

For months now I have been trying to find an answer, anything that could explain why Putin would be so interested in seeing a Trump’s Presidency. Could it be that he wants to see America fall apart. America has always been the most admired place in the world, a place that hold hope for many and a place that many wish to go. 

Now I am left wondering if this is what Putin wanted to see: An America divided, an America that no longer cares and is quickly alienating its neighbors, an America that is despised by the rest of the world. When did any country become great by causing division among its people. How can we become safer by creating more enemies.

If this is what Putin wanted he can rest assured that his plan his working. All he has to do is throw a few more compliments Trumps way sit back, relax and drink champagne and watch America fall apart.

2016 Presidential Election

The election campaign of 2016  has become more of a smear campaign than anything else. Some of the things I am seeing and hearing makes me wonder what people expect of a leader. I am still trying to wrap my head around the comments that Donald Trump has made in regards to women. I can’t wait or the election to be over and done with. On election day go out and vote wisely.

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