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How do I know he is the one?

Like most things in life, nothing is guaranteed in a relationship. It may turn out the way you expect it to, or it might not. The important thing is to get to know the person you are dating. You may find little clues that will tell you if he is a keeper.

  1. Is he kind, considerate and cares about your happiness as much as he does about his? If he does, he could be the one.
  2. If he treats you with respect, makes you feel special, listens when you talk and make you feel what you have to say is important, he could be the one.
  3. If he makes the effort to spend quality time with you, talks about his dreams and aspirations and a future that includes you, he could be the one
  4. If he not only tells you, but shows you that he loves you and how much you mean to him, he could be the one.
  5. If he has all of the above qualities, you probably have a winner on your hand. Hold on to him.

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