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Monday Night Raw

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Randy Orton continues to allow Wade Barrett to play mind games with him and once again the distraction from Wade Barrett caused him to  lose his match with The Miz in a count out last night on Monday Night Raw.  John Laurinaitis, according to Punk, is one of the most boring general managers and I have to agree with him.  Where excitement is concerned John Laurinaitis is clueless.  Last night John Cena once again displayed that caring part of his personality in his attempt to help Zack Rider to get a chance at a title match.  It was somewhat hilarious that at the end of the match with Mark Henry it took Rider a while to realize that he had won the match.  Now on the subject of Kevin Nash; I can understand giving him a match, but against Santino Marella?  Why wasn’t  a more evenly matched opponent  found for that match?  After the singing of the contract C M Punk gave The Miz and Alberto Del Rio a preview of what to expect at their TLC Paper View Match.  Will Punk be able to hold on to the title?  We will find out the answer to that question at TLC!


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