A Poem About Life

A True Friend

Photo by Bran Sodre

I cannot erase the past,

Though we wish to forget,

Memories often do last.

I cannot undo the pain of yesterday,

But I will stand by your side,

And help you get through today.

I cannot promise you

That you will never hurt again,

But I promise to stand by you,

And to always be your friend.

I cannot promise that you will

Only have good days,

But if the storms of life arise,

I promise I will be unwavering,

And true friendship will abide.

I will be like a tree firmly planted in the ground

on whose branches, you can hold on.

I will be there for you always,

And I will always be your friend.

In these trying times we all can use a friend. So many have suffered loss during this pandemic. Sometimes all someone need, is a listening ear, a friend who understands.

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