Do I Have the Strength to Leave Him?

If you ask some women why they stay in an abusive relationship, many will say: “I love him. He has this power over me. I don’t have the strength to leave him. He is not ao bad when he isn’t angry. He makes me feel loved.”

The problem many women struggle with, is self-love. Ok, so you love him, I get that. But how much do you love yourself? Do you love yourself enough to say I will not allow a man to put his hands on me in an abusive manner? Does he love you enough to know he should protect you and not hurt you?

In this scourge where many women are dying, leaving may be the only solution to staying alive. Are you saying you do not possess the strength to live? No man deserves losing your life over. If you love your life as much as you love him, save yourself!

Author: marvaseaton

Marva Seaton is a Mom, Author, Blogger, and Poet. She is passionate about issues concerning woman and tries to highlight stories of those suffering abuse. She strongly believes in fairness, equality, and the empowerment of women.

2 thoughts on “Do I Have the Strength to Leave Him?”

  1. October 1st I had gained enough strength (& out of less intense physical pain) I had asked him to please leave me. This year has been turbulent and foretelling to say the least. When in crisis & pains well to rise inside feeling to die would be less painful & look to your side w/a man who sits there wide-eyed w/no advice or guidance……the IDK what to do for you should we signs an advanced directive? ……but when will you be sexual again? When will you touch me more than a friend? Why are you so distant; I don’t understand. The pinnacle point of passing a stone to be badgered about sexual satisfaction & tending to another’s desires….I haven’t energy for a relationship. It’s been rocky (at best) 5 yrs……learning to love him was easier than letting him go….he’s a good man for another. I hope he find someone who’s willing to hold his hand. Thank you for letting me share…this hit so close to home today. Abuse/misuse is not always on purpose….I haven’t any income or resources to “sell” to make my ends meet. I have a son in HS (senior) & no family nor friends……when you’ve got nothing else to lose……but dysfunction that borders abuse of not willing to help heal you….I haven’t faith nor hope…mental illness has always kept me hid… i’m not sure how i’ll live…..sadly the freedom of having not to worry about another adult & how my condition is hindering their happiness……is a relief….(even if we wind up on the streets)…(i guess)

    1. Sadly many women let things get too far hoping they will get better. It is difficult to be happy with someone who cares nothing about your happiness. Often women are so much stronger than they give themselves credit for. Change can be scary but once to have peace of mind it usually gets better.

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