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Teens Mock Man While He Drowns

One of the most disturbing news story last week was that of a disabled man who drowned in Florida while a group of teens laughed, mocked him and filmed the incident. They all watched him drown and apparently thought it funny.

There is definitely a breakdown of moral values in society. As parents most of us do our best to raise decent human beings. But something has got to be wrong when a group of young men find it amusing that someone is drowning – basically taking their last breath – and feel no sense of compassion, no moral obligation to assist. It makes you wonder what else they will find funny?

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  1. I was talking to my daughter yesterday about how she and her brother learned to be empathetic. I apparently modeled it for them and made sure they understood. There are many children in the world today that are not being RAISED. But if you look at history, it’s been going on since time began. There were always those that did not care and that made the rest of us care more. So very sad to hear about this kind of behavior.

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