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Small Penis Competition

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Did you know there is a Small Penis Competition? Oh yes there is. The Small Penis in Brooklyn Pageant  is scheduled to take place  at Brooklyn’s Kings County Saloon in Bushwick, on June 13. Competitors will strip down and display their genitals through underwear and swimsuits at the competition. The winner of the smallest penis will win a prize of $500, a crown and a sash. The organizers apparently are having difficulty finding contestants.  Surprised????



  1. Now that is a consolation prize if I ever heard of one.


  2. willowdot21 says:

    No I am not surprised at all!! Now I have heard it all!!


  3. renxkyoko says:

    OMG… what they come up with ! lol


  4. mrwriteon says:

    So, who wins? The biggest or the smallest? If it’s the biggest, I’ll enter. If it’s the smallest, I’ll pass. Hilarious.


  5. Hmmmm…I wonder why nobody signed up?? Its the “little things” in life that are important right??


  6. Wow, first reality TV and now a small penis competition. Just when I thought I’ve seen everything. The organizers of this event must be bored. 😉


  7. Ron says:

    Guess I missed the pageant. Damn! Oh well, I was getting excited about the possibility of winning a “slash” but figured it was a typo and I don’t need no schtinking sash. 🙂


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