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Celebrating Black History Month

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Ghosts of His Past

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Ghosts of His Past

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           Troy Davis

Is Equality Just a Figment of our Imagination?

Could it be that we have become complacent and have we allowed ourselves to be lured by a false sense of equality? We must wake up and realize that the struggle for equality among the races is far from over. There is still prejudice in society.

There are some questions that still need answering. Was it prejudice or justice that allowed a man to kill a black unarmed teen and walk free?  Was it prejudice or justice at play when a man was found guilty of attempted murder for the youths he did not kill and yet not guilty for the one whose life he took?  Was it prejudice or justice that allowed a judge to give a rich white boy ten years probation after he was found guilty of killing four people while driving under the influence?

Was it prejudice of justice that allowed the state of Georgia to execute Troy Davis although there was reasonable doubt that he committed the crime  they executed him for. Davis was executed on September 21, 2011 for the shooting death of a police officer. His story was one that captured the attention of the world and brought into question the fairness of the justice system.

There were grave doubts about Davis’s guilt. OF the nine people who testified at his trial seven of them  recanted their stories. One man even confessed he had no idea who killed the officer. All of this put together should have been cause for reasonable doubt. In this case we are still not sure if guilty beyond reasonable doubt was ever taken into consideration.

Human rights groups begged for a stay of execution. The former President Jimmy Carter and even Pope Benedict XVI asked for clemency but their pleas fell on deaf ears.  The result is that an innocent man may have lost his life.  Let us not become complacent and forget the ones who are gone. Let us keep Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis and Jordan Davis in our memories.

God deemed that all men are created equally, but man have decided otherwise. If we have a system in place that favors one race over another there will never be equality and there will never be justice.



  1. willowdot21 says:

    I do not know the answer but I know there is something wrong . Why can we not all just get along. I am praying for equality, I know here in Britain young black men are more likely to be stopped and searched than white youths and yes there is much injustice which appears to be born of race prejudice. I do not know the answer.


  2. An excellent piece thank you Marva – I think that prejudice is a combination of many factors. I think it is generational – I have listened to elderly people in their 90’s reflecting opinions from the 1950’s and 60’s but their grandchildren have a totally different perspective. I went to Cape Town at age 11 and found it very difficult to keep quiet about what I felt was totally unjust but it was the law then. That was only 50 years ago. I hope that in another 50 years time, when our grandchildren are teaching their younger family members about equality that it really will be so.


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