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Who Will Help Save Lindsay Lohan?

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We are a world of people who thrive on negative news.  The media will go into every nook and cranny to dig up any negative information they can find on people’s lives.  It is almost something of a disease, the pleasure some people seem to derive from other people’s misfortune.   They are the ones who will be quick to point out that something is wrong with someone, yet they fail to see anything wrong with their own actions.

Most of the time the people targeted are the ones who are simply screaming for help.  There was Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston  (both of whom are now dead) and let us not forget Britney Spears.  Britney went through living hell at the hands of the media.  She is stronger than a lot of people gave her credit for.  If she was not a strong person she would not have been able to survive with her sanity still intact.  The negative media attention focused on Britney got so bad that at one point I started switching channels whenever her name was mentioned because I knew they were just going to say something negative about her.  I was disgusted that people actually seemed to derive some kind of pleasure from putting her down. I am glad that Britney was able to get her act together and take charge of her life.  I am glad that there were people who believed in her to give her the support she needed.  I am very proud of her  and pray that she will remain on the path she is now on.

Lindsay Lohan is a far way off from the path of recovery but she is not beyond help.  They twenty-six year old needs some serious guidance, moral support and people who  will  help her instead of constantly bashing her.  Try being in her shoe for even an hour.  You turn on the television and you are being made fun off, you open a news paper and you make the headlines about all the things you have done wrong, you turn to the internet and it gets worse, your picture is everywhere and the headlines and comments are all negative.  It is like living in an emotional abusive relationship.  It takes its toll on you, it strips you of your self-worth and self-esteem, it does not help and then everyone wonders why she can’t get her act together?  She might be a star but at the end of the day she is only human yearning for love acceptance and friendship just like everyone else.  For people like Lindsay it is hard to trust you don’t know who genuinely care or who only pretend to care to get a story.

What is really sad is that a lot of the negativity is coming from people in the entertainment business.  You would think they would care enough to look out for each other but hey who am I kidding people are more interested in tearing you down rather than building you up.  Still it would be nice if her critics stopped focusing so much on all that she is doing wrong and instead reach out to her to see how they can help her to make it right.  Don’t let her become another statistic.  So I ask  once more, who will help save Lindsay Lohan?



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