The world is no longer as safe as it once was.  In almost every society across the globe crime is on the increase. Young people are becoming more and more caught up in this growing trend and are becoming more reckless in the way they conduct their lives and deal with problems. More and more are experimenting with drugs and alcohol and many  getting involved in gun crimes.

With all of this going on it is not surprising that some parents will do everything in their power to try to protect their children and keep them from being exposed to all the negative things in society. Some parents however take things to the extent where they become over-protective. They can become over-protective to the point where their teenagers have very little or no social life because they are not allowed to hang out with friends for fear that they might get caught up in the wrong crowd.

Parents need to realize that being over-protective is not necessarily a good thing. We do not exist in a vacuum; we live in a world where there is good and bad. If children are only exposed to the good, how will they be able to deal with the bad when they come in contact with it. It is inevitable that they will come in contact with people who are bad influences. If this happens will they be strong enough to make the right decision never having to deal with such situations before?

It is important to expose teenagers   to the good as well as the bad situations they might encounter in life. Exposure, not in a way to endanger their lives but to educate them on what goes on in the world outside the safe place they call home. Some parents do not allow their teenagers to go to parties or to the movies with their friends. They make the decision as to what age their children can go off to college. There are some who feel that at the age of eighteen their children are still to young to leave for college.

Parents have to understand that simply growing older without gaining the experience necessary to deal with real life situations and problems they might encounter along the way will hinder rather than help teenagers. They need to be allowed the freedom necessary to make import decisions because parents are not always going to be around to make these decisions for them.

Teach your children values, the importance of believing in themselves and to know the difference between right and wrong. Let them know that you have enough faith to believe in them and that you trust them to make the right choices in life. They are not going to be perfect and they are going to make mistakes, but this is how they are going to gain experience and learn to deal with the problems they encounter. Life is a learning process.


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