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A Tribute to Bobbi Kristina

image credit http://www.jamaicaobserver.com

You fought a long fight but you lost the battle,
We wanted you to stay a while longer
But God had another plan.
Perhaps it was because He saw what none of us could see.
Maybe more sorrow and pain was in store for you from which He wanted you to be free.
We might never know the answer but one thing we know for sure in the sweet arms of the Savior pain you will know no more.
Walk good Bobbi Kristina and may God’s perpetual light shine upon you. Rest In Peace.

Bobbi Kristina

After weeks in a medical induced coma the latest report on Bobbi Kristina condition is that some of her organs are shutting down. This is a serious and sad situation. I for one was hoping that she would pull through. Let us continue to pray for a miracle for as long as she is alive there is still hope. God raised Lazarus from the dead and He can bring her back from the jaws of death with Him all things are possible. Again let us all continue to pray for Bobbi Kristina.