Stop Abuse of Women

Atrocities Against Women in India

One of latest gruesome story coming out of India is that of a twelve year old girl who was gang raped by an uncle and two of her brothers. According to reports she was taken to her uncle’s house where the rape occured. When she threatened to go to the police, she was reportedly strangled. She was then beheaded and her body was dumped in bushes. The uncle and one of her brothers have since been arrested.

The fact that a child was treated in this manner is mind boggling. To know that the people who perpetrated the act is her own family makes it even more despicable. When, if ever, will the abuse of women and the culture of rape in India stop. One has to wonder if the government is doing enough to protect women and girls. India has a terrible record of sex abuse against minors with over 36, 000 cases reported in 2016.

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  1. I hated clicking LIKE on that. It disgusts me that this seems to be a growing epidemic everywhere when we are a society on camera, able to determine DNA, and the laws are so much better than they use to be (even with many places and laws still needing change). I get so depressed sometimes. But giving up will not help those who need so much… including to know God loves them. Praying for God’s justice!

  2. It is certainly so sad, but He is our glorious hope! You and I know the change He can bring from what He has done in us, and what He has brought us through. God reminds me a lot that I forget this has been happening since bible times, My broken heart is praying with yours! What we can not see, He can still do!

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