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How Effective is the Flu Vaccine

Every year we are urged to get a flu shot. They try to convince us that it is an effective measure against the flu. They have created a sense of urgency around these yearly vaccines and a false sense that it is absolutely necessary. In some sector it is mandatory that workers receive a yearly flu shot without any real evidence to to support the fact that it works.

The truth is many people have developed the flu after receiving a flu shot. I know of people who have gotten sick with the flu right after receiving a flu shot. I too have experienced this. They want to make it seem that it is nothing but a coincidence. If it is I need someone to explain to me why is it that I only get flu symptoms after getting a flu shot. My most recent flu shot was last Friday by Sunday I was having sneezing, itchy throat and runny nose which I am still dealing with. Is this a coincidence?

The flu shot has no guarantee of preventing or lessen the chances one getting the flu and in many cases it is contributing to make people get ill and the CDC knows this. It raises the question. Who really benefit from these Flu vaccine, the people who take it or the people who manufacture it. Your thoughts….

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  1. As a volunteer at our local medical center, ibam required to get the vaccine or else I have to wear a mask as I work there. I chose to get vaccinated. I have avoided the bug with or without the vaccine. Just lucky? Good clean living? My husband never gets it – and (knock on wood) he has not gotten the flu. Who knows if the shot is the deterrent or not? I don’t!

    • Happy to know it has not adversely affected you. I personally don’t get the flu until right after I get the flu shot which my job requires. I know of others who have had the same experience. A friend of mine got so ill after she took it last year she had to take a week off from work. Though it might work for some it do make others ill. I am definitely allergic to it. Will have to choose another option next year.

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