An Open Letter to My Fellow Black People

Dear fellow black people I know we have had a rough past but we should not let the past determine our future. They say that children live what they learn but it is time that we stop believing some of the things we were taught. For example during slavery the white masters tried to engrave in our minds that we were bad people. Today that image is projected in many of the things we share on social media. This may be an exaggeration on my part but about 95% of the post and videos posted and shared by black people depict black people in a negative manner.

The white master used to bring the slaves together in public and make them watch other slaves being beaten now we make videos of us beating our children and post them for the world to see that our children are bad and need public humiliation. We portray ourselves as people who are constantly at war with one another; every fight has to go on video so it can be shared with the rest of the world. We never miss on opportunity to show the world each day that our men are thugs, gangsters, deadbeats and lazy bums and then we wonder why they get treated accordingly. We portray our women as low class, loud mouthed and rachet with just ass and boobs and no brains.

We are so much more than the images we constantly share. The problem is only a few will share the positive stories but the negative ones are shared by millions. People don’t get to see the positive things we do because we rarely share those. My fellow black people we fail to understand that white folks judge us by the very images that we portray to them. When will we wake up and see that we are our own worst enemies. My fellow black people there are good and bad people in every race we are not the worst so stop telling the world that we are. Stop sharing those negative videos.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to My Fellow Black People”

  1. I hope the world matures Marva where we can meet each person at the same level and stop making judgements determined by skin colour, But by how that individual lives their life, with love and compassion for all. Children are a good example when not fed any racial thoughts they play with each other without judgement. From Australia I see bad shares from every body on Facebook etc, no one is perfect. Like you say there is bad and good in all of us. Have a great day.

  2. I believe we are all loved by a higher power, believe we can become really good people and show Him who loves us our best side. I had parents who marched for Civil Rights and they emphasized some people’s “roads” are tougher right from the beginning of their lives. We need to help those who have the worst foundations in life and help them to feel happy and blessed. I have plenty of photos and examples of my parents helping in my mind. I try my best never to label anyone and hope that this letter will be taken in a positive way, Marva. I do believe it has a great message, dear friend. Sincerely, Robin

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