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Remembering Trayvon Martin

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February 5 1995 – February 26, 2012

On February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin an unarmed black teenager was shot dead in cold blood. He did nothing wrong and was unnecessarily targeted and killed. Trayvon Martin got no justice as his killer George Zimmerman walked free.

Trayvon it wasn’t fair that you died so young

Your story had only just begun.

You will never get the chance to fill the pages in your book of life

There were so many things that you never got to do.

Though you are gone your memory lives on

And we will always remember you.

We need to fix a justice system which allows a man who targets and kills an unarmed black boy to walk free but convicts a rookie cop who accidentally shoots a man on a dark staircase. Rest In Peace Trayvon.


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