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Americans Unite

We are in the holiday season but many families are mourning the loss of their loved ones. This is a time for us to unite and come together as one yet there are some who continue to sow seeds of division.

Two police officers lost their lives at the hands of a man who has no respect for lives, not for his own or for others. He was a person with a hatred of the police, a person who was arrested multiple times. He had just shot his ex-girlfriend and was on the run. He knew the police were coming after him. One report said he had mental issues and that he was estranged from a number of his relatives. It is unfortunate that he used Eric Garner and Michael Brown’s name in his posts but does this makes someone else responsible for his actions? When Eric Frien shot and killed two police officers in Pennsylvania in September was it someone else’s fault?

It is time to stop the name calling, finger pointing and blaming people for the action of others. It is petty, it is stupid and it will get us nowhere. We are all a part of the problem and it is imperative that we all be a part of the solution. We must stop acting like spoiled kindergarten brats and work together to fix a system that needs fixing. We are a nation divided against itself and why we squabble with each other we are leaving ourselves open for our enemies to capitalize on our weaknesses. Let us not lose focus. We are one people we are in this together. Let us unite and work together to make America a better place.


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