Man Marries Dog


We are living in a world of over seven billion people and yet it seems that not everyone is able to or chooses to find a companion among their own kind. This incident happened back in 2010 but I only recently saw it and thought I would share it with you. This Australian man married his dog, a five-year old Labrador retriever. Thirty of his friends  attended the ceremony. He reportedly told them that it was not sexual, just pure love. I can understand a man loving his dog but isn’t marrying the animal taking it a little too far?


7 thoughts on “Man Marries Dog

  1. 30 of his friends attended the “wedding”. He had more friends than most of us. Not sure whether his dog (not bitch?) understood human feeling. The next step of intimacy is often sexual. Lots of people in this world, lots of odds and evens.


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