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Vocabulary Corner

I am so sorry that I missed out on a few days of Vocabulary corner. I was really busy the last couple of days. However here is today’s word.

Today’s Word is: PLATITUDINOUS

Pronunciation: plat-i-tu-di-nous

Meaning: A remark or statement that is used too often to be interesting.

Synonyms: cliched, stale, unoriginal, unimaginative, commonplace

(Stayed tuned tomorrow for another word in Vocabulary Corner)

Vocabulary Corner

Ok so want to sound smart. There is nothing wrong wrong with that. In my vocabulary corner I will post words you may not often see or use, the meanings.


Pronounced: ob-fus-cate

Meaning: To make unclear or unintelligible

Synonyms: muddle, jumble, complicate, obscure, confuse

(Stay tuned tomorrow for another word in VOCABULARY CORNER)

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