Ebola Outbreak

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Let us keep the Ebola stricken people of West Africa in our thoughts and our prayers. Often we are oblivious about situations until they affect us personally. We have to remember that the more Ebola spreads across Africa the more likelihood it is of spreading to other regions of the world.

So far about five thousand one hundred and sixty persons have died. Liberia has the most deaths followed by Sierra Leone and Guinea. Many children are now orphans because of the disease and we can only hope that a cure will be found soon.

We must pay tribute to Doctors Without Borders who are in the regions treating Ebola Patients, as well as all the other to health worker who are risking their lives to help others. They are the true heroes. Some have died but others continue to fight on. Let us pray that God will grant them the strength and courage to carry on.


4 thoughts on “Ebola Outbreak

  1. We lack compassion as a country.
    Ebola is out of our news now.
    Americans are not as concerned that it may impact them here.
    Just now.
    Where is our fear about what is happening to families in Africa?
    I have been to Africa.
    I have been with this adorable children.
    What about these little children crying?
    Whose parents have died?
    And whose caretakers are covered in plastic?
    Looking like spooky astrounauts from outer space?
    What will happen to children facing this type of trauma?
    I was a therapist to some of The Lost Boys of the Sudan after they came to this country.
    I remember their dead eyes, and pleading with them to live another day.
    The is something fundamentally better about the Ebola grave digger I watched,
    He said he would not turn his back on his people and just let them die without a grave.
    In America, we all do it everyday.
    It just makes me sad.
    More attracted to wild creatures.
    They have more compassion.

    There are three charitable contributions I have given every year, the first is to Medici Sans Frontiers.

    Thank you for your post. ❤ ❤


    1. Thanks for your comment. You have made some very important points. The first outbreak of this diseade wad in 1976 but since it only afected the people in parts of Africa no one thought of trying to make a vaccine. Like you say we lack compassion and we only care when the situation affects us.


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