Who Will Find The Cure

First there was AIDS now there is EBOLA and years down the road it will be something else. These diseases are springing up out of nowhere and there are more questions than answers. It is interesting and somewhat ironic that the more drugs and vaccines that come on the market the more diseases we have. Also interesting is the fact that the more money that is pumped into research for a cure for cancer each year, the more we see a rise in cancer patients.

We scratch our heads and wonder why cancer is now so prevalent. The truth is that there are a lot of drugs currently on the market with cancer causing agents. Drug companies of course promote these drugs as having great benefits and downplay the high risk of the users getting cancer.

I strongly believe that a cure can be found for cancer but if we are waiting for big cooperation to find that cure it is not going to happen. Cancer treatment drugs is a multi million dollar business. Drug manufacturing companies and others in the health sector make millions each year treating cancer patients. They are not going to be willing to give that up. If a cure is found it therefore has to be one that will make millions for these drug companies and others involved, anything else is a lost cause.

It is up to the people who really care about finding a cure to do the research and find the cure. A cure that those affected will be able to afford. The trouble is that they are not going to get the big funding that those who are pretending to find a cure are getting. Yet they must not see this as a deterrent. The little people must come together in unity and do the research. They must also be prepared to face roadblock and opposition from those who have something to lose. It is not going to be an easy road but know this one thing, it is up to those who care about lives and not so much the money, to find the cure. Until people realize this we will continue to see increase in the number of cancer cases. As for those man-made diseases such as AIDES and EBOLA ……well that’s a whole different story and I can’t seem to get past the word WHY?


5 thoughts on “Who Will Find The Cure

  1. I strongly agree with you on this. I fear that the large drug companies are not willing to share the truth with us and as you say it is all about money.I do not know the answer is but I do know that because of the over use of antibiotics we are all at risk especially now many of the more common place illnesses. I have to say though Marva that I do not think that Ebola or Aids are man made more that they are cross over diseases from animals I am not an expert on this subject. Yet I believe that both plagues crossed over from animals to humans via people eating infected monkeys. Sadly there have always been plagues it as I see it Nature’s way of natural selection. That said I do pray we can control these three plagues, Cancer,Ebola and Aids. Vigilance and good care we can manage but whether pt not we can combat the selfish money driven drugs companies is to me the bigger question. Thanks for tackling this huge problem.


    1. I appreciate and respect your point of view and what you say have a lot of logic the only problem I have with it is the fact that monkeys have been around since creation and these diseases were unheard of until the late seventies and early eighties……food for thoughts

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  2. I read just yesterday about another one, Dengue fever, which is carried by mosquitos. Coming across our borders, apparently. It’s very nasty, can cause death.

    You know, I’m writing through the book of Matthew on my Bible study blog. Jesus stated clearly to His disciples that there would be famine, earthquake and pestilence in the last days. No matter how many diseases we think we’ve “cured,” there will always be another or a hundred to pop up in its place. Yes, I agree that big pharmacy has a death grip on funding for research. It IS a business, after all. But the only lasting cure for all of it will be when Jesus comes. The sooner the better!


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