The Following are Quotes by Marva Seaton.  Feel free to share.

“Be courageous enough to express yourself freely and not just say what you think others want to hear.”


“Don’t live your life so busy trying to please everyone that you lose sight of who you really are.  Be cognizant of the fact that you will never be able to please everyone.  So speak your truth quietly and give your honest opinion whenever it is asked.”


“As the saying goes Rome was not built in a day.  If you failed at something yesterday be grateful that today you are given the opportunity to try again.  You are alive, there is hope.”


“Two roads lie before you, the first road is Negativity.  It has intersections of doubt, resentment and hostility.  The second road is Positivity.  It has intersections of hope, love and forgiveness.  Which road will you choose today?”


“The road of life is sometimes rocky.  There may be pot holes and roadblocks along the way.  By helping each other we can make this journey a more meaningful experience.”


“Do not listen to the voice of doubt which tells you that you can’t, instead believe in your ability to succeed at whatever you do and say YES I CAN!”


“Not everyone will be happy for your success so don’t be surprised if others try to tear you down.  Just hold you head up high and keep on smiling.”


“Do not do something for someone and then brag about it to others.  God does things for us everyday but you don’t see Him writing it across the skies.”




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