I Can Go On

I can go on,

In spite of shattered dreams,

And broken promises,

I can go on.

I can go on,

When all seems lost,

And sorrow seems to,

Fragment my heart,

I can go on.

I can go on,

When pain seems to be

My best friend,

And joy threatens to subside,

I can go on.

I can forget,

The hurt of yesterday,

And embrace tomorrow,

Knowing that,

If I have love in my heart,

No matter what,

May come my way,

I can and will go on.

I Am Not Afraid

I walk with my head held high,

And I am not afraid to pursue my dreams,

Overcome my challenges,

Remove my obstacles,

I am not afraid of change.

For the past I have no regrets,

What’s done is done,

It was how it was meant to be.

To the future I look without fear,

For I know God will see me through.

He directs my path,

He shows me the way to go.

I can count on Him to lead and guide me,

In the pursuit of my dreams and final destiny.

I planted a seed of faith,
I molded it up with hope,
I showered it with love,
Then waited for it to grow,
It grew for a while,
But then it got scorched up by the sun,
I watered it with my tears,
Refusing to let it die,
I held on to my faith’,
I continued to hope,
It struggled for awhile,
Then slowly began to grow,
And then one morning,
I looked outside my bedroom window,
To find that it had bloomed,
And I felt a burst of joy,
As my eyes behold,
The most beautiful of flowers,
That I had ever seen.


I saw the line, I saw the hook,
But somehow I didn’t think,
I’d ever fall for it,
To me it seemed like just a game,
I could always swim away,
But somehow I got too close,
And got caught upon the hook,
I struggled to get away from it,
But the more I tried,
The deeper the hook did seem,
To dig into my flesh,
The line was long and the more I swam,
Into deeper waters I did get,
But still there was no escape,
From the hook that had slipped into my flesh,
It’s slowly getting darker now,
The sun has lost its shine,
I hope the hand that holds the line,
Will be kind enough to me,
To draw in the line, remove the hook,
And somehow set me free.

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21 thoughts on “Poetry

    1. Actually this poem is a reflection of situations people sometimes get themselves in unintentionally. They feel they can handle it but then find that they can’t control what happens.


  1. Thank you for your visit – there is a link to Word Gathering on my blog roll that you might enjoy. It will lead you to several different poetry prompt sites and communities. I also have some pages on my blog that give guidance on different styles of poetry that I like to play with.

    Writing is good for healing and creativity. For all people.
    Thank you for your time and focus on helping women.


  2. Enjoyed all the poems, but loved I Can Go On particularly. Keep on keeping on. You sound like you are on the right track and know where to turn for grace. Eileen


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