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Thankful Sunday

No matter how busy we are we must take time to give God thanks for his merciea towarda us. Without his grace we could not survive in this world. Today let us give him thanks and praise for the past week and pray for his guidance to get us through another week. Have a Happy and peaceful Sunday.

God has the Answers

I search the sunrise, I search the sunset, Seeking answers, which forever seem to elude me. At the dawn of day, I arise and I pray, That the Father up above, Will help me find the answers The answers to the questions in my mind. At the sinking of the sun, And the rising of the moon, I am still no closer to an answer, And I am still searching for the truth. But in the twilight of my deep despair, A little voice whispers, Believe in God and trust in him, For He has all the answers.

Whisper a Prayer

When you are feeling down and out and your heart is filled with despair, know that there is one you can talk to and he always care. In the midst of your heartache whisper a little prayer. God is always listening. He will heal your wounds and take away your cares.

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Don’t wait to do what should be done

That you have long delayed –

For we are not assured the grace

To live beyond today;

And we cannot return from death

To what we left behind,

To do some deed we should have done

For God or humankind

Don’t wait to speak the words of love

Another waits to hear;

Don’t wait to hug, in warm embrace,

Some heart you hold so dear;

And wait no more to share your wealth

With charities in need

Or beg forgiveness of the Lord

For hidden, sinful deeds

Today is yours to do or say

What you have long delayed –

That should be said – or should be done

Before your judgment Day;

And you, dear heart – just you alone –

Know what you’ve left to do

To better complement your life

Before this day is through

~~~Michael Dubina~~~

Heal Us

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Please heal us precious Jesus,
Please heal each bewildered soul, 
Cast out every fear, and dry every tear,
Just whisper the words, “Be whole.”
For Thou hath make the crippled walk,
And made the blinded see.
The withered hand has been restored.
Now heal us Lord we plea.
We do recall that Thou did say,
“Just ask and you will receive.”
Oh may our faith not waiver, we pray,
Thy words…we do believe.
Amazing grace – to us is given,
Let anxious moments flee.
With Thy tender care, please hear our prayer.
Now heal us Lord we plea.

Edna Massimilla

As I Am



I come to You on bended knees,
With crumbled hopes not meant to be.
I come to You when tired and sore
And when my heart cannot endure

The pain I feel, the pressure great
And there You are! I never wait!
No matter where, no matter when,
You pick me up time and again.

If broken, torn, discouraged, sad
You are the friend I’ve always had!
You brush me off and help me stand;
You cherish me just as I am.

Ruthmarie Brooks Silver