Beta ReadER

Why Beta Readers are Important?

Authors needs the opinion of others to help them see their work through the eyes of readers. You may think you have written a masterpiece, but readers may think differently. Getting feedback gives you an opportunity to make changes before your book goes public.

What can You Expect?

As your beta reader, I will read your book as seen through the eyes of a reader and not as an editor. A beta reader does not check for typos, or grammatical errors; but if found, I will highlight them for you to correct.

I will offer constructive criticism regarding your characters, plot, dialogue, and the flow of your story.

After reading, I will offer suggestions on how you can improve your characters and plot.

I will work within the time frame we agree on.

Please be open to accept constructive feedback.

Cost of Service

Rates are reasonable.

  1. For a word count of 10,000-15,000, the cost is $20.00
  2. For a word count of 16,000-25,000, the cost is $30.00
  3. For a word count of 26,000-50,000, the cost is $60.00
  4. For a word count of 51,000-75,000, the cost is $85.00
  5. For a word count of 86,000-100,000, the cost is $110.00

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