Ghosts of His Past

Ghosts of his past is a story about a young girl who went missing in a small town. All the searches for Gillian Spencer came up futile. Her family thought her dead.

Years later someone stumbles upon the missing girl. She is alive and living in another country but she has no recollection of her past. The path to the truth unravels a twisted path of lies, deceit and murder and at the center of which, was a powerful and influential man. How would it all play out?

Ghosts of His Past



An intriguing story of cover-ups, sex, lies and deceit…

He was a politician shrewdly carving his way to the top. Born to a life of luxury Nicholas Rochester usually got whatever he wanted. However just when he thought he had left his secret past behind he finds himself coming face to face with the ghosts of his past.

Available in Kindle and Paperback.

Reviews Please

I would appreciate reviews for my book Ghosts of His Past. For a short time the Kindle Edition is available free of cost. I hope you will enjoy reading this book. Just click on the link below to purchase for free.

How to Tag More Than 50 Friends in a Facebook Post

Recently I was updating my status on Facebook in a post to let my friend know about the publication of my book GHOSTS of HIS PAST.  I wanted to tag some of the people on my friend list in the post but found I could not tag more than twenty. I went on google to find out how I could tag more than 20 people. I found most of the suggestions a bit confusing and complication. So not fully satisfied with the suggestions I went back to my post and clicked on the icon on the upper right hand corner and there in was in the drop down menu Tag Friends. It was that simple.

So here goes: Write your post, tag your first twenty friends and post to timeline. After you post click on the icon in the upper right hand corner and choose Tag Friends from the drop down list. Once you click on it your friend list will appear and you choose the people you want to tag in your post. When you are done press submit. You can tag up to 90 friends using this method.