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ALONE GIRL is a emotional read. It’s about a young girl trying to find her place in the world, longing for the love and acceptance of her dad. Her journey is one of rejection, betrayal and mistakes that would come back to haunt her.

As a child, Amelia hoped one day she would meet her dad. She finally meet him as a teenager only to be rejected by him. It crushed it. At the death of her mother Amelia felt alone in the world. Her desire for a secure future took her down a path which her mother would not have been proud of. Trapped in a hotel room with the angry wife of her client threatening to harm her, Amelia realized how dangerous the job she was doing was and made a decision to chance courses. Years later, she does not only have a career, but a young doctor who she loved and who was madly in love with her. Just when she thought she had found happiness she was about to lose it all as her past has come back to haunt her.

Broken Vows is for those who love a spicy romance and it will not disappoint. It’s all about love and passion.

Natalie Weston left her hometown to escape her cheating boyfriend and the embarrassment of him getting another woman pregnant. The last thing she expected when she got to Fletcher’s Cove, was to fall in love with her boss, the dashing young lawyer Carson Fletcher. Would Sofia Fletcher discover her affair with her husband or was she too busy with her own affair to care.

Ghosts of His Past is a mixture of a suspense romance and crime all intertwined. It gives you a glimpse of how the rich and powerful often get away with everything, or do they? This is a story you will enjoy!

When a young girl went missing in a small town, everyone was puzzled. All the searches for Gillian Spencer came up futile. Her family thought her dead. Years later someone stumbles upon the missing girl. She is alive and living in another country but she has no recollection of her past. The path to the truth unravels a twisted path of lies, deceit and murder and at the center of which, was a powerful and influential man. Would Gillian get justice?

Untamed Desires, as the name suggests is another spicy romance for those who love this genre!

Gabrielle thought she had found true love when she married Jeremy Prescott. Jeremy kept an important secret from her, prior to marrying her he had a vasectomy; they could not have children. Although she longed to be a mother, Gabrielle resigned herself to a childless marriage. However fate brought Connor Russell into her life. A chance encounter led to a night of passion. When Gabrielle learned she was pregnant she knew she had no choice but to come clean with Jeremy. Little did she know that Jeremy had his secrets too.

I Do Thee wed is about a real life situation and was actually inspired by true events. The worst kind of hurt is when your heart is broken by the person you considered your one true love.

Denise and her high school sweetheart, Robert had been through a lot. She never doubted his love for her. Even after four children and still no proposal, she still hoped for a happily ever after. But sometimes happily ever after doesn’t happen. Hearts get broken and love seems to be nothing more than a cruel joke. Faced with a situation she never thought would happen, Denise wonders if this is the price she must pay for loving

This Devotional journal contains prayers and scripture readingsThis devotional journal contains scripture readings, prayers and a black space for you to write your affirmations.

This is devotional journal that will be good to haver especially for people who practice meditation. Take a quiet moment each day for reflection and get in touch with your spiritual side. The scripture verses and prayers that will help to strengthen your faith. Write your affirmations on the blank pages.

Awake Your Mind contains 365 inspirational quotes that encourages you to engage in positive thinking. When you develop a positive mindset, you begin to see positive changes in your life. Be motivated. Speak success over your life. Boost your self-confidence. Believe that all things are possible.
In The Collection Marva explores the intricacies of human relationships. She walks you down avenues of love and harmony, deception and betrayal. She exposes some of the harsh realities of abuse against women. There are happy moments, sad moments and moments of outrage. It all comes together in this compilation of poems – The Collection.

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