Welcome to MARVA SEATON AUTHOR’S BLOG.  It is my goal to make this blog as entertaining, informative and interesting as possible.  Feel free share your thoughts and comment on any topic that you find of interest. My time on WordPress so far has been very interesting.  I feel like I know some of you even though we have never met.  I do appreciate everyone who has visited my blog and take time out to read my posts, make a comment or click the like box. I want you to know that I do enjoy reading your posts as well.  I look forward to interacting and sharing even more with you my fellow bloggers.  

Domestic violence awareness has always been close to my heart. I will use this blog to help spread awareness and educate women on how to avoid becoming trapped in abusive relationships. My goal is to inform, educate, and empower women. I hope you will come along with me on this journey. God bless you all.


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  1. I very much enjoy your blog. The other day a fellow blogger nominated me for The Reality Blog Award. In turn, I am nominating you. I am writing about it on my blog, http://weinstein365.wordpress.com tomorrow (Saturday). While there are no set ‘rules’, there are a few questions. I am not sure that you are obliged to answer them, but they’re kind of fun. Up to you.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting our blog and liking our home page. You are absolutely correct when you say that violence against women must stop. That is something that we are committed to as well. We need a change of heart, that is the only way any and all violence will end. Thank you so much for standing up and speaking out, we support your efforts. We wish you much success in your endeavors. – IKB

  3. Looking forward to reading your articles. I totally agree the war on women needs to be address! The question that needs to be asked ‘is why are men killing and raping women of any age in the daylight hours?! Personally I believe it is a spiritual issue that has not been looked at before! We know about how education and economics can empower women in our small global world yet women and young girls are still being killed and rape at a faster rate then every before why is that?!

    • The problem is that in the countries where it is happening the most women are often denied an education. They are treated like second class citizens and do not have the freedom of making their own decisions. Often the laws to protect women are not properly enforced.

  4. Hello Marva, I am so pleased you stopped by and liked one of my posts.If you had not I would not of found your blog. You are writing the truth about the terrible things that are happening now as we speak to women and children around the world.

    I have written a few posts on these subjects but my knowledge is limited so I am interested to see what you have to tell us. I have included a few of my posts on child brides, female circumcision ( butchery) child slavery, child soldiers, and women coping with famine I hope they may be of interest, I hope I have got my facts right . I have done these posts in verse because poetry is a medium I love but I can write in prose too.








    I have also written about physical and mental abuse in marriage,depression and suicide and all sorts of mental anguish. I have written happy and silly things too!
    Be blessed and be happy and be brave you are doing important work. willow. xx

  5. Hello, my name is femi aribisala and i am the editor of radical chic magazine. Ill go straight to the point. During one of my usual scouting expeditions i stumbled across your work and i think it is fantastic and it would be great if it could be featured on our website: http://www.radicalchicmagazine.com.

    I was unable to find a contact address for you, but you can reach me on femi@radicalchicmagazine.com to discuss further on if you would like to be featured regularly and draw some more attention to your writings.

    If you have the time do take a look at our site as well so you can get a better idea of the platform we have to offer.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  6. Thank you for recently visiting my blog and the ‘like’. I admire your concern and cause for women who suffer abuse. It is one that needs the exposure and support of ones like you that will help to make a difference. God bless you..

  7. Good morning Marva – I dropped by to thank you for visiting my site, but got caught up in reading your posts. It is so wonderful to come across those who strive to bring attention to the world of the continued abuse of women as well as the shameful incident in Ferguson. I admire you greatly for your endeavors. When you have a moment, you might enjoy reading my post of “Yet… you stay”… here is a direct link to save you having to scroll down the list.
    I have several other posts in relation to this same topic, but that one seems to have connected with the readers to a greater degree. Thank you for introducing me to your site. I will be following and anxious to read your most enlightening posts…
    Have a beautiful Sunday…

  8. Marva I think what you’re doing here is commendable and to do so with such a voice is even beautiful! I loved reading your poetry and I hope you continue to write and to bring awareness to the world. I stopped by initially to say thank you for following us and I’m very glad for it too! Keep up the good work and if you find time to visit again please know that you’re always welcome.

    Rebecca and Ma Chris

  9. Hi Marva,

    Thanks a lot for dropping by and following my blog. And I see you too have a lot of inspirations to share. Felling great to have connected with you. Looking forward to hear more wonderful stories and poetry from you. Have a great day.Keep in touch. Regards

  10. Thanks for caring. Rape and violence against women is a pressing concern. I care about it too, though it is not the cause I champion. Nevertheless, it has come up on my radar a few times. I took a course in Rape investigations last year. Wrote a couple of papers etc…

    yes. I care too.

    I only touched on it once on my blog. Actually related it to my ministry in homeless ness. I recognize that both causes struggle against apathy and/or scorn.

    My relevant post : https://fatbeggars.wordpress.com/2015/11/25/the-struggle-of-rape-survivors-educates-me/

    I will be back…

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)