What goes around comes around

I don’t know whether some women are naive or just plain foolish. I can never understand how a woman will cover up for or help a man to harm his wife and truly believe they can have a happy life together after. If he hurts her to be with you what make you think you are so special. Don’t you think he will hurt you too. What goes around have a way of coming back around. That is the law of nature.

2 thoughts on “What goes around comes around

  1. My ex husband has tried this with me and he doesn’t seem to understand why I care about what his current will feel if I get involved with him. Yes it’s true that she began a relationship with him while I was married to him but I don’t want to do that because I don’t see a good future coming out of it. Plus I don’t want to live my life with secrets and drama. Being single is tough sometimes but I think being a mistress would be even harder! I don’t want to be anyone’s second choice!