Empowering Women


Does he Meet Your Expectations

Does the man you are dating have the attributes that you are seeking in a partner. Is he considerate or affectionate and does he seem trustworthy. Does he have a plan or a vision   for the future. Is he the type who is just  drifter, living for the moment with no thought about tomorrow….yes those types exist.

Is he someone who respects women or does he see women as an acquisition and boasts about his past conquests. Do you share the same values or interests. Do you find him easy to talk to and does he engage in meaningful conversations?

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Sometimes at the start of a relationship sparks will fly and fires may be ignited but if you are not compatible it burns out quickly and the fire dies. So to save yourself heartache evaluate the facts in front of you and decide if he is someone you want to take a chance with.

10 thoughts on “Empowering Women

  1. It must be remembered that it’s a two way street. Men in America have been emasculated for years. It shouldn’t be a crime to be masculine nor should it be for a woman to be feminine. Personally for me it’s not about chances but commitment. Commitment to work things out when things aren’t going the way you except them to. True empowerment doesn’t come from an outside source but from within, it means that one is comfortable in their own skin. Expectations will certainly mean a failure to any relationship. Expectations are bullets that sink the “ship” in relationship. It clear to me that in a relationship that being supportive is the better option. It’s the true position of power. A woman who stands behind her man will always get what she wants, a man who understands his role doesn’t have to battle for position because he’s where he is supposed to be.

    • Thanks for reading and for your imput. You made some very interesting point. I must clarify that expectation in this case is not about expecting the person to do anything for you but rather it is about observing whether or not the person has some of the qualities you are looking for in a relationship and you can learn this by observing the way the person present himself.

      • Okay, understand. Little story for you….. some years ago I asked a woman on date. During the date it seemed to me that we got along, maybe not perfectly but we were able to talk and enjoy each others company. Mind you this was our first date, when I arrived at her home to drop her off she very bluntly stated that I wasn’t what she was looking for. I was stunned! Of course it was her choice, the sad part is she missed the important part. The building of a friendship regardless of expectations lasts a lifetime something none of us should miss. I guess it is all about priorities. There is no such thing as the perfect spouse or relationship. I’ve learned that to except is better than expect. It’s all a matter of how you “C” things.

      • It happens but one day is not enough time to get to know someone but I guess there was not enough chemistry for her… who know but at least you didn’t waste each others time.

  2. I believe in it
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