Virgina Cop Tase Man Having Medical Emergency

A police officers in Fredericksburg Virginia has resigned after an incident where he used taser and pepper spray on a man having a medical emergency.

Shawn Jurgens and two other officers responded to calls about a hit and run driver going in the wrong direction. The driver was 34-year-old David Washington who reportedly hit a jeep, a street sign and came to a stop in the middle of an intersection.

With guns drawn the officer shouted orders at the unresponsive man. Jurgens used taser and pepper spray on Washington. They pulled him from his vehicle and handcuffed him before realizing that he was ill. A very traumatic situation for Mr. Washington but on a brighter note he is alive…it could have ended worse.

5 thoughts on “Virgina Cop Tase Man Having Medical Emergency

  1. The medical emergency of Mr. Washington was not determined until the doctor at the ER examined him. Officers respond to people who are unresponsive due to illegal drugs that could result in a violent reaction. No doubt the pepper spray went too far but officers work in a world where events can go bad very quickly. They never know and must make split second decisions that in hind sight may not have been the best at the time. Considering the events leading up to the arrest they made the best decision at that moment in time. It is easy to judge after the fact.

    • No judging here just relaying the facts. Yes they were not aware that he was ill until after they arrested him. Just thankful that this ended on a positive note and he was able get the treatment he needed…it could have been worse.