Amy Winehouse




It has been suggested that Amy Winehouse death might have resulted from her attempt to withdraw from alcohol on her own.  If this is so this would be the second case I have heard about.  Many of us are not aware that just like cocaine and heroin, alcohol can produce serious side effects if you attempt to withdraw from it on your own.  Using a line from Amy Winehouse song;   They tried to make me go to rehab,  I said “No, no, no”   Maybe this is one of the time she should have said “Yes, yes, yes”  Then again, maybe it was her time to go.  Such a tragic loss of a young life.  At the age of twenty-seven, gone too soon.  We however do not know what demons she was fighting or why she chose to do it on her own.  All we can say is RIP Amy.  There are no more problems for you to wrestle with.  God Bless.