Success Demands Patience

If you want something bad enough you must keep trying until you get it right. Even when it gets frustrating keeping going. You will never know how close you are to success if you give up halfway on the journey.

New Book Release

This book is very relatable especially for young women trying to find acceptance and a feeling of belonging. It takes you throug the ups and downs, the mistakes made and starting over.

Amelia’s story is a stark reminder that although you might not be able to change the past you can take charge of your story and write a different ending.


Perception is not Always What it Seem

Some people are quick to form opinions without trying to get to know you. Perception is often not what it appears. A person can put on a public show to get attention but might not necessarily be genuine as they appear to be. Before forming judgment get to know the person. Some will let you in easily, others take time to open up. Sometimes the way you think about someone isn’t they way they really are when you get to know the individual.