One important aspect of a relationship is understanding that the other person’s happiness matters. When partners are selfish and care only about his or her happiness the relationship is bound to fail. The ones that make it are the ones where couples care about each other’s feelings.                                                


Why Women Keep Silent

In many relationship a woman who is not being treated right  may keep silent. It is not because she isn’t aware that things aren’t going the way she would like them to. She stays silent in order to keep the peace.

While it is good to be silent at times, silence should never become a way of life. By remaining silent a woman gradually loses her voice. Her authority becomes diminished and over time she may lose confidence in herself and in her ability to make the right decisions for her life.        

In a relationship each person matters. Do not suffer in silence. Find your voice and speak your truth. Your voice matters.

School Shooting

We mourn the loss of those whose lives were viciously snatched from them in the latest school shooting. No words will ever be enough to quell the pain of those who are hurting in the wake of this tragedy. Prayers is good but we can not longer sit silent and believe that prayers alone is going to solve this problem.

It is time to take action.  No one is immune. It is frightening to say this, but the next victim could be me or you. It could be your son or daughter, it could be your husband or wife. We need gun control and we need it now. This is not about playing politics. This is about saving lives.

Make a Difference

It doesn’t matter how big your house is, how expensive the car that you drive is or how many degrees you have. When you depart this earth no one is going to remember you for that. However if you live not just for yourself but help those in need and show empathy for others, if you stand firm as a voice for the voiceless and give hope to the hopeless, if you show by your love that you care…long after you are gone people will remember you as someone who lived and made a difference