You are Important

People often view you in the manner in which you portray yourself. If you portray yourself as someone who does not love or respect herself and show signs of low self-esteem this is how the world will look upon you.  It you don’t believe that you are important others won’t either and will treat you accordingly. You must believe in your own importance.

Walk Away from Abuse

 Don’t stay in an abusive relationship hoping that things will get better. Don’t invest your time in an abusive relationship hoping that he will change. Don’t live your life in misery hoping someday he will love and treat you right. If you are not happy in a relationship then the relationship doesn’t matter…walk away.



Throughout history women have had to fight and claw their way to get recognition in a male dominated world. This is not because women are not good enough, not educated, talented, or as hardworking as her male counterpart. However the stereotype that governs society dictates that she is the weaker sex and she is treated accordingly.  Let us be clear women are important and play a vital role in society not only as mother and a wife but as unique human beings who are equal to their male counterparts.

Copyright © 2017 by Marva Seaton  (Excerpt from 11 Steps to Empowerment)