Inspirational Words

Hold on to dreams and don’t give up hope. When things go wrong, hold on strong. Believe in tomorrow and that things will get better. The sun will not always shine. There will be days when dark clouds will linger. There will be days when things will go wrong. Then there will be days when it all comes together and everything will be fine. Whatever your day, be grateful you are alive and give thanks!

Devotional Kindle Book

Hi friends…Blessings. What better way to start your day than with a word from -‘WORD OF THE DAY, Quiet Moments of Reflection.’

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A report by Oxfam America claims that poultry workers are working under harsh conditions where they are denied bathroom breaks by their supervisors. As a result some workers are forced to wear diapers to work. The report states that some workers relieve themselves while at their work stations. It also state that some workers restrict their intake of fluid to levels that may be unhealthy in order to avoid taking bathroom breaks and risk getting punished or risk their job security.

The companies named in the report are Tyson Foods Inc., Perdue Farms Inc., Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., and Sanderson Farms Inc. The companies with the exception of Sanderson Farms Inc have dismissed the notion that this report is true. Sanderson Farms had no comment.

Book Publication Date

Hi friends the publication date for my book WORD OF THE DAY – Quiet Moments of Reflection, is MAY 20, 2016.  This thought provoking Meditation Journal encourages readers to take a moment from the hustle and bustle of life and have a quiet moment to reflect on their lives and connect with God. Each Word of the Day comes with bibles verses on which you can meditate and reflect.  There are messages of Love, Hope and Faith….Be inspired, be blessed.


The Republicans and the Donald


Some Republican are not pleased about Donald Trump being the nominee for the upcoming presidential election. However they had better get used to the idea because they brought in on themselves. They spent the better part of the last seven year opposing everything that President Obama tried to do and even when the presidential campaign began their focus was still on Obama.

I listened to these Republicans during the early part of the presidential debates and I kept asking, do they realize that Obama is no longer running for president. While they were busy beating the Obama drum Trump was busy feeding people with rhetoric that surprisingly enough a lot of them wanted to hear. Apparently his speeches were enough to convince his followers that he can not only keep them safe but he can make America great again. Not only that while the other presidential hopefuls were still busy talking about Obama Trump was busy putting them down and he watched them fall out of the race one by one.

Perhaps if they hadn’t been so busy swimming in the Obama stream they would not have been swept away by currents from the Trumps River. Now it is clear they all they can do is oppose.

Talk to Your Children

It is the time of year when children are preparing for graduation. Many will graduate high school and go off to college. Some of them will attend colleges far away from home and for many it is an exciting time.

Parents I urge you to sit your child down and have a good talk with him or her. They are still at point when peer pressure have a powerful impact on their lives. Emphasize to them the importance of living by the standards by which they were brought up and not to give in to peer pressure.  These need to understand that because everyone one else is partaking in something it doesn’t mean they have to do likewise.

Recently I listened to the news of the death of another college student and it saddened me to learn that drinking played a part in this young man’s death.  I can’t help thinking that this is a situation that could have been avoided.  It might be fun to attend college away from home but they have to understand that it is a tough world out there and they have to try and keep safe.