Word of the Day


032316_1801_Inspiration1.jpgThe following is an excerpt from my new devotional book WORD OF THE DAY -Quiet Moments of Reflection.

Word of the Day: REVENGE

Resist the urge to seek revenge for the wrong someone has done to you. God sees you situation. He knows what you are going through. Leave that person or persons in His hands. It make might take months, it might take years but believe it…the hands of the wicked will be turned back and their evil deed will come tumbling down on their heads.


Romans 12 V 19 says: “Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.”


The wicked shall not prosper and people with evil intentions will not be rewarded. The one who does wrong to another will eventually endue their punishment. Leave it all to God. He sees the heart and actions of every man. He knows those who have done you wrong and He will repay them in due season. He will never let those who serve him go defenseless. He has your back.

I urge you to take a few minutes from your busy schedule each day for a Quiet Moment of Reflection.


Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan

Kelly Ripa is apparently pissed  about the way she learnt of Michael Strahan’s move to GMA. She has every right to be. After working together for so long so no doubt feels a sense of betrayal.  The situation could have been handled better. Considering that  at the end of the day it would has become public knowledge I fail to see the point why it was kept a secret from her. I will go out on a limb and say that I do not believe that Kelly is that selfish of a person that she would not have been happy for Michael if he had told her about this imminent change of roles.

This whole situation is a valuable lesson not only for Kelly but for others as well. Working with someone does not necessarily make that person your friend and people will do whatever it takes to get ahead without any thought of you. Kelly now has to mark this down to experience and move on.

Toddlers Die In Fire

It is tragic that two toddlers lost their lives in a fire in the Bronx after being left alone while their mom went to do laundry. It is heartbreaking for a mother to lose her children in this devastating manner and my heart goes out to her. This tragedy however emphasizes how important it is to make sure that children are never left unsupervised. No matter how safe it might seem things can happen and tragedy can strike at any minute. Tragedies like this one may be avoided if people follow the simple rule of never leaving young children alone.

An Open Letter to My Fellow Black People

Dear fellow black people I know we have had a rough past but we should not let the past determine our future. They say that children live what they learn but it is time that we stop believing some of the things we were taught. For example during slavery the white masters tried to engrave in our minds that we were bad people. Today that image is projected in many of the things we share on social media. This may be an exaggeration on my part but about 95% of the post and videos posted and shared by black people depict black people in a negative manner.

The white master used to bring the slaves together in public and make them watch other slaves being beaten now we make videos of us beating our children and post them for the world to see that our children are bad and need public humiliation. We portray ourselves as people who are constantly at war with one another; every fight has to go on video so it can be shared with the rest of the world. We never miss on opportunity to show the world each day that our men are thugs, gangsters, deadbeats and lazy bums and then we wonder why they get treated accordingly. We portray our women as low class, loud mouthed and rachet with just ass and boobs and no brains.

We are so much more than the images we constantly share. The problem is only a few will share the positive stories but the negative ones are shared by millions. People don’t get to see the positive things we do because we rarely share those. My fellow black people we fail to understand that white folks judge us by the very images that we portray to them. When will we wake up and see that we are our own worst enemies. My fellow black people there are good and bad people in every race we are not the worst so stop telling the world that we are. Stop sharing those negative videos.