The Fire Challenge

With all the advancement in education and the field of technology we have to ask  the question are young people becoming smarter or dumber. Little children are taught not to play with fire so was the message lost on this young man?

Man Dies

The death of this man could have been avoided had there been less use of force. He was not aggressive and during the entire conversation all he was asking was that they leave him alone. Even if they had to arrest him there was not reason to take him down and pin him to the ground. He kept saying I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, but no one listened. Now a family is in mourning and six children are without a father.  The police in their effort  to uphold the law must be careful not to become overzealous and end up doing more harm than good.

Malyasian Plane Shot Down


It is very unfortunate that so may people needlessly lost their lives when Malaysian flight MH 17 was shot out of the sky.   A Russian missile is suspected to be at the root of this catastrophe.  Two hundred and eighty-three passengers and 15 crew members lost their lives as a result.  In a world torn by strife and war the innocent continue to fall victims.  The question people of all nation must ask is what good can we achieve by killing one another?  World peace is very important in order to preserve lives. War is not the answer the bloodshed need to stop.

Hot Car Deaths 2014

The number of children who have died as a result of being locked in a hot vehicle now stands at seventeen as of Today Monday July 14, 2014. This figure is alarming. However instead of us debating about how parents can possible forget their children inside their cars we must focus on ways to prevent more deaths.

Here are some tips that might help parents to remember their children.

1.When you strap your child in the car place your briefcase, handbags, or lunch on the seat next to your child.

2.Carry an extra pair of shoes an old one that you wear around the house and one for work. Put your working shoes on the floor of the vehicle directly in front of the car seat. There is no way you can retrieve it and not see your child.

3. We are living in a world blinded by technology and where people will forget their children they rarely forget their phones. Few can go for minutes much less hours without their phones. Put your phone in the child’s bag. I have a feeling you won’t forget it.

4.If the first three is not enough write this sign and stick on your dashboard –

5.If none of these work then you shouldn’t have children!!!

A Thought for Today

Hold on to dreams and don’t give up hope. When things go wrong hold on strong. Believe in tomorrow and that things will get better. The sun will not always shine. There will be days when dark clouds will linger. There will be days when things will go wrong. There will be days when it all comes together and everything will be fine. Whatever your day be grateful you are alive and give thanks!

A Friend

A friend is somebody
Who knows you and likes you
Exactly the way that you are.

Someone who’s special
And so close in thought
That no distance can ever seem far.

A friend understands you
Without any words,
Stands by you
When nothing goes right.

And willingly talks
Over problems with you
Till they somehow
Just vanish from sight.

And whether you’re neighbors
Or live miles apart,
A word from a friend gives a lift
To your heart and spirit.

That shows you once more
Why friendship is life’s dearest gift!

– Author Unknown