R.I.P. Father Brown

Charles Brown

On Wednesday of last week retired Roman Catholic priest Father Charles Brown went missing.  On Thursday his abandoned vehicle was found in the Plantation Heights area in St. Andrew.  A search was launched for the missing priest who was last seen dressed in multicolored short sleeve shirt, blue pants and a pair of black shoes.

Today Monday July 29, Police Investigators report that they have found a decomposing body in Plantation Heights strongly believed to be that of Father Brown.  In is really sad that someone who has served his communities so well should have been treated in this manner.  Given the circumstances surrounding his death my conclusion is that Father Brown was just another victim of crime.  Another person killed and left by the wayside to rot.  This is a case of yet another senseless killing!  When will it end, or better yet will it ever end?

Father Brown was a very straight forward, honest and caring man who did not deserve to die in this manner.  May his soul Rest in Peace.

To the perpetrator or perpetrators of this crime I say to you, you  can

run but you cannot hide.  God knows who you are and you will be rewarded according to your deeds.

Sleep Well Father Charles Brown.  You are gone but you will never be forgotten!






True Love

Some say true love is just a fairy tale,

Some say it’s make believe,

They say don’t have too much high expectations,

They say most men will cheat.

But she has found a man like no other

And he  has been true to her.

She has watched girls try to hit on him

And she has watched him turn away,

She heard them whisper,

“Oh she has tied him so he cannot stray,”

And she smiled when she heard him say,

“I’m glad to be tied to her.

She has tied me with her beauty,

She has tied me with her love,

She has tied me with her integrity and honesty,

And she has all my love.”

It doesn’t happen often and she thanks

the Lord above,

That she has found someone who is

worthy of her love.

Thankful to be Alive

Life is a precious gift that we have to be thankful for everyday. When you leave your home in the morning there is no guarantee we are going to make it back home safe and yet we often take it for granted that we will.

On July eleven I went to the hospital to have a medical procedure done.  I expected to have been back home in about three hours.  However things went horribly wrong.  I had a hole blown through my colon as soon as the procedure started.  I was told I needed to do a CAT Scan to get more information on what had happened.  It confirmed what the doctor suspected; there was a hole in my colon which was not supposed to be there.

I was then told that a team of surgeons were coming to speak with me.  To make a long story short, I was told that they needed to operate immediately to repair the damage that had been done.  The operation lasted three hours and went extremely well.  In fact I was told by the surgical team that considering the severity of my injuries the operation went even better than they had anticipated.  What they were even more amazed at was how quickly after the operation I began to heal.  I was told every day that the speed at which I was recovering was amazing.

Thanks to God for his healing touch, I was released from hospital on July 20, after spending nine days there.  I give thanks to God that the operation went well and that I began to heal quickly afterwards.  I am not fully recovered yet but I am getting stronger every day and am just thankful to be alive.


Women Respect Yourselves


We talk about women rights and we say that men should show more respect to women.  However it is apparent that some women have no respect for themselves.  Some feel there is nothing wrong with stripping or selling their bodies.  They feel it is okay to do these things to make a living.  Of course this type of behavior is nothing new; the difference is that in times past women engaged in these activities would keep it a secret from their friends and family.  Now it is as if it is something to brag about.

The thing is that society is accepting and rewarding this kind of behavior and therefore women feel it is not something to be ashamed of anymore.  Porn stars are becoming celebrities so what’s the big deal?  But does this make it okay?  Maybe given all the publicity young girls now think it is okay.  There is s case of a young woman who came to this country to attend college.  She started college but have dropped out and now she is working as a stripper.  She keep posting about her newly found profession on face book.  It is as if she has gotten a degree and she wants the world to know about it.

Recently there was a video by Justin Timberlake on YouTube.  In this video called ‘Tunnel Vision’ there were girls performing in the nude.  They were naked while he remained fully clothed throughout the video.  The video was banned briefly from YouTube but is now back on it. I see no reason for nudity is this video but as long as women put themselves out there as commodities which can be bought these kind of things will continue to happen.

Women if you want to get respect it has to begin with you respecting yourselves.  Stop allowing men to use you in this kind of degrading manner because of the end of the day they will consider you cheap and they will have no respect for you.  You have the power to say I will take part in your video but I will not degrade myself and I will not strip. In Times Square on the fourth of July two women were seen in wearing nothing but body paint.  Was this really necessary?  There is a time and a place for everything.  Women if you want men to respect you start respecting yourselves!  You are not commodities; therefore do not give men the impression that you can be bought!



I Miss You

I count every minute of every single day
Time seems to have stood still since you went away,
I miss your smile, I miss your laughter,
I miss your gentle touch,
I miss making love with you,
Honey I miss you oh so much.
We talk on the phone but it’s not the same,
At night in my dreams I whisper your name,
I can’t wait till you are back home,
Here safe in my arms,
Until then I pray that God will protect you,
And keep you from all harm.

(C)Marva Seaton 2013

The Paula Deen Saga

I have been following with interest the whole Paula Deen Saga as it unfolded.  The impression I have formed is that clearly this is a woman who characterize people in terms of the color of their skin.  She was perhaps raised in a culture where black people were only seen as servants and although time has evolved she has remained stuck in the past.

Even if she had used the N word a long time ago, the fact that Ms Deen should even consider the idea of  having what she called a plantation style wedding for her brother where the serving staff would consist of black men dressed in white jackets and bow ties clearly illustrates that she is still living in the plantation days.  It was no big deal to call blacks the N word and make jokes about them back then because it was considered okay.  I do not get the feeling that Ms Deen is comfortable around blacks and that she feels they are her equal and because of this it is extremely difficult to apologize and sound genuine doing it.

It is not surprising that her apologies have not gone down well with a lot of people. The apologies did not seem to come from the heart and there were nothing in the words she spoke that gave one the impression that she was genuinely sorry.  She should have nipped the tree in the bud from the moment she admitted to the world that she had made racial slurs.  Instead of her weak apologies she should have come out with a strong apology and say it like said really meant it

I am no expert at apologies but maybe her apology could have read something like this:

I know that a lot of people are displeased with me and they have every right to be.  I was raised to be honest and take responsibility for my actions.  I admit that I did use racial slurs many many years ago and for this I am truly sorry.  I apologize to everyone I’ve hurt by my unacceptable behavior.  I should have known better and I should never have used those words.  It is wrong to make jokes about people because of the color of their skin or their racial background.  To all whom I have offended I am truly sorry and I hope you will find in in your heart to forgive me.  I ask for a second chance to make amends to all whom I have hurt by my insensitive words and actions.  Please accept my sincere apologies and I humbly ask again for your forgiveness.

What she has done so far was to try and convince people that she is not a racist and that she is a good person.  That was not what people wanted to hear.  They wanted a sincere apology.

Ironically the person who started all of this by bringing a racial discrimination suit against Paula Deen is in fact white.  It is interesting to note that the action of one person can bring about the fall of an empire.  Ms Deen worked hard over the years to build her empire and it a matter of days her great empire turned into a sinking titanic and everyone is rushing to get off board.  No one is willing to go down with a sinking ship!

The Food Network was the first to get off board by not renewing her contract.  Since then other companies have cut ties with her, among them are: JCPenny, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Smithfield Foods, Caesar Entertainment and Random House has cancelled the publication of her new book.

Do I believe Paula Deen deserves the harsh punishment being meted out to her?  Probably not.  At the same time I understand why the businesses did what they did.  They understand something that up to now I don’t believe Ms Deen has fully grasped and that is, in business people are important irrespective of you ethnicity or racial background, they need the support of them all.  Another valuable lesson learned is that friendship does not take priority in business.  When situations like these arise people are going to do what is best for business, who know she probably might have done the same.