Whitney Houston

Yesterday Whitney Houston’s family, friends and fans celebrated what was termed as her ”Homegoing”.  Whitney was a great singer and her music touched a lot of lives.  Her songs were ones that most of us could relate to; you never got tired of listening to her.  Her untimely passing is very sad indeed, especially at the point in her life when she appeared poised to make a comeback.

There are many who choose not to remember her for the great singer that she was but rather as someone who used drugs.  If I remember correctly there is a verse in the bible which says ”He who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Many of those who are quick to brand her as an addict are themselves guilty of worse sins than being an addict.  People rise and fall during the course of their lives.  It is a part of being human.  Problems comes along and we each deal with it differently.  Don’t judge a person until you have walked in their shoes.

We are a society of people who feed on negativity; we spend a day praising someone for an outstanding accomplishment but spend months if not years focusing on what they have done wrong.   Yes Whitney made her share of mistakes but don’t we all at some point or the other?   Whitney was a woman of class, she didn’t have to expose her body in order to sell her music!   She is gone but her music will forever live on.  You haters, please let her rest in peace!   R.I.P. Whitney.

Can I

Rain drops pitter patter on the roof,
as I look in your eyes,
The touch of your gentle caress,
make me want so much to forget,
the crazy world outside.
When you say that you love me,
Do you really mean it?
Is this love reunion or another betrayal?
Can I trust you to be true?
If I give you my heart,
will you protect it,
or will you just tear it apart,
and leave me standing alone in the dark?
My heart wants to receive you,
I want so much to believe in you,
Can I?

  • Betrayal (timethewriter.wordpress.com)