The Other Woman

It was fun being the other woman,

It was exciting taking someone else man,

The mistake she made was marrying him,

For now she truly understand the saying,

what goes around comes around.

The tables have turned and now she is the one,

who has to compete with the other woman!

Beautiful Black Woman


They told her she couldn’t do it,
but she proved them all wrong,
Poor, bare foot country girl,
wanting to be doctor?
‘Must be crazy,’ they told her.
But she knew she was sane,
A doctor she wanted to be,
and for that goal she did aim.
They looked in awe and wonder,
said she made them proud.
And yet they didn’t think her good enough,
for they told her she couldn’t have him,
Asked if she had lost her mind,
doctor or not he wouldn’t marry her,
Her family was too poor,
and she was just too black.
She pitied their ignorance,
Felt ashamed for their own lack
of self-esteem.
She knew what she wanted,
She knew together they would make
a good team.
So she married him,
And stupid people that they were,
They wondered did he really love her,
or did she cast a spell?
Still enslaved by mental slavery,
they find it hard to understand,
It is not the color of your skin,
or the family you are from,
which defines you as a man or a woman.

Letting Go

She watches him leave and it pains her inside
that he has just told her yet another lie.
She fakes a smile, for deep inside she wants to cry,
She closes the door and wish it was just as easy,
to close her heart to the love for him,
which is tearing her apart.
He doesn’t know that she knows,
the apartment to which he goes.
She doesn’t need to follow him,
She has watched him enter many times before.

Tonight is the night she decides,
he is going to find out that she knows,
She wants to see the look upon his face
when he realizes that his cover is blown.
She takes her time, she is in no hurry,
She needs to calm her nerves and gather her strength
for what she is about to do.
She knocks on the door and when it opened,
stepped past the woman and walked right on inside.

The look on his face was priceless,
his jaws dropped open in shock.
The woman looks confused,
She smiles and gently explain,
‘That naked man in your bed,
is my husband my dear. I just wanted to meet the woman,
he has thrown away his marriage for,
Now that I have met you,
what more can I say, good luck my dear he is all yours!
She turns and leave but he is right behind her,
calling out her name.
Half way across the street he realizes
he is missing his pants.
She laughs all the way back to her car,
It really wasn’t that hard after all!


I look at her battered, bruised face
And she quickly looks away,
‘I fell,’ she responded,
to the unspoken question,
And yet she wouldn’t look my way.
Caught up in a situation of physical abuse,
why did she think she had to stay?
‘Leave him,’ I told her,
And she pretended not to understand.
‘I fell,’ she repeated,
trying to convince me,
trying to convince herself.
‘You don’t deserve this,’
I told her.
‘He loves me,’ she says.
‘No,’ I tell her.
‘Love is not supposed to hurt.’
She nods her head as if she,
agrees with me,
And yet I wonder,
Does she really understand?

For The Love Of Money

She plays the dutiful wife,
she pretends that everything is all right,
But alone in her bed at night,
she wonders who she is fooling.
He doesn’t love her,
He doesn’t really care.
The big house, the expensive car,
the money in the bank,
Does nothing to ease her loneliness,
or to make up for the fact,
She has lost him to someone else
and she cannot win him back.

She cries herself to sleep at night,
And wonder what she is doing wrong,
why she lies alone each night,
while another woman has her man.
Sometime she wants to leave him,
but it is really hard to do,
She has become too accustomed to living,
this life of luxury.
It would be easy to leave him,
but not the money, the big house or the car,
So she suffers silently
and tells herself,
You just can’t have it all!

Love Thy Neighbor

Many of us go through life with the idea that we can just do as we please irrespective of the fact that our actions may impact negatively on other people.  Some are spiteful and vindictive.  Some lie awake at night busy plotting evil and trying to get even.  Some are so convinced of their own authority and power that they do not for one moment seem to realize that there is a great power and a higher authority that at some point or stage in our lives we have to be accountable to.  People bent on doing evil have no concept of the fact sooner or later you will reap what you sow.  They take joy in what they do trying to make other people’s life miserable so they can have company.  I saw to you all bent on doing evil, to be careful what you do for God is watching you.  He knows your thoughts, your every plan;  He sees the things you do.  So be careful not to sow bad seeds or you will reap a bitter harvest.  Live good with each other.  At all times keep love in your heart and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Best Of Life {By Michael Dubina}

The best of life is still ahead,
in the greying years, to be,
For dreams and hopes of life and love
Are slow to ecstasy.

And God is known to save the best
For aging years of time
When hearts are most in need of love
And joys that are sublime.
He knows of how we wish and pray
For wants of love and needs
And how we plead and pray to him
For joys within His creed;
So he reserves our greying years
To be the best of all –
With hopes and dreams to be fulfilled
And loves to be recalled.

My Daily Prayer {By Hazel K Boyd}

Midst the hustle and bustle
of a busy day
I pause and take time
to kneel and pray –
A prayer for all my friends,
Near and far,
For God to keep them safely
Wherever they are,
To fill their hearts with His love,
That nurtures all each day,
To show that hope will better things,
That have gone astray.
These gifts of patience, love and hope
We can always share
Then peace will dwell within our hearts
And banish every care.

Mother At Sixteen

She was looking lost and forlorn,
frail body slouching forward,
holding tightly at the young child in her arms.
The baby was crying, she attempted to feed him,
but from the white cracks on her lips,
and her sunken eyes, you couldn’t help but wonder,
if she wasn’t hungry too.

She looked around anxiously,
as if expecting someone,
The shadows of evening are lengthening,
and she is all alone at the train station,
She is alone with her baby and a bag by her feet,
which holds all her earthly possessions.

Her mother’s harsh words still echoed in her ears,
‘Go find you baby father, find the man who breed you,
I can’t afford to take care a you an no baby!”
He said he would come, he said he would meet her here.
That was two days ago.
And here she was, still alone at the train station,
Just sixteen years old,
Alone and scared, with nowhere to go!

Living in Apartments

In today’s world apartment living is at the top of most housing solutions.  Apartments are more available and more affordable than houses.  Apartment living is fine but there is just one problem you might encounter,unreasonable neighbors.  Imagine being on the first floor and above you are people who seem to keep very late hours.  Imagine trying to sleep and being awakened by what sound like someone playing a game of bowling on the wooden floor above your head and boots trampling up and down like soldiers in the army marching.

Imagine voicing your complain about the noise and being told by your obvious not so bright neighbor, “You should be sleeping, how can you be hearing noise at that hour if you sleeping?”

Well it is obvious Ms not so bright… We can’t sleep because of the noise coming from your apartment duh!!!  It is quite ridiculous that someone should think it is okay for a child to be up as late as one a.m., rolling ball and running back and forth when there are neighbors below who have to go to work the next morning and need to sleep.

People need to understand that when you live in an apartment it is not just about you.  You have to make sure that your actions do not impact negatively on your neighbors.  It is a sensible thing to try and live good with your neighbors.  You never know when something might happen and you need their help!