Jamaican Christmas Cake

christmas cake!

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We are almost in the month of November, a few more weeks and Christmas will be here.  It is a time of year that most people look forward to.  It is usually a period of much eating, drinking and celebrating.  One of the things Jamaicans look forward to at Christmas is a big nice slice of Christmas cake.  Today I am going to share the recipe with you and you can try it for your self.

Christmas Cake  Recipe

1/2 lb. butter

1/2 lb. granulated sugar

6 ozs. flour

6 ozs. bread crumbs

1 tsp. baking powder

4 cups mixed fruits (raisins, currants, cherries, prunes)

1/4 tsp. salt

1 tbsp. mixed spice

2 tsp. vanilla

1 cup white rum

1 pt. port wine

2 tsp. lime juice

6 eggs

1 tsp. almond flavouring

1 tbsp browning


`         1. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy

  1.  Mix in browning, almond flavouring, vanilla and lime juice

  2.  Add eggs one at a time and beat in well.  Add fruits to the mixture

  3.  Mix flour, breadcrumbs, baking powder, salt and mixed spices

  4.  Add alternately with rum and port wine

  5.  Pour mixture into cake tin which has already been greased and lined

  6.  Bake at   350F  for one and a half hours


Bam! Bam! Bam!
Another one go down,
And the morning newspaper,
Headlines scream!
“Man shot dead last night! ”
Bam! Bam! Bam!
Another mother cry,
Another heart knows sorrow,
Where will it end?
This senseless killing,
Blood forever spilling,
Who did it?
The question frequently asked,
And often go unanswered,
It must be someone with,
A heart carved from iron,
And a mind made of steel,
And ice-water instead of blood,
Flowing through his veins,
Who would take up a gun,
And senselessly kill his brother!

A Tribute To Someone Special

I saw not for the first time,
Traces of tears mirrored in your eyes,
But the tears lost, for you did not,
Once let go of the smile,
I saw quite clearly the pain,
You did not try to disguise,
And a part of me grieved,
And inside I wept.

You who gave love to one and all,
And mothered those who weren’t,
even your own, ,
I ask myself, how can someone,
Who has given so much love,
Bear so much pain?

I saw you, a strong tower,
A great mountain, unshaken, unmoved,
A woman like Job,
And like Job you bore the things,
That were unjustly thrust upon you.

The passing of the years multiplied,
Your sorrow and your pain,
And yet you did not complain,
I saw in you no bitterness,
No revenge, no regrets, no hate.

I looked at you and I marveled,
Surely, you were no ordinary woman,
You must have been an angel,
Sent down from heaven,
Taking the form of a woman,
I don’t know, but wherever you are,
I just want you to know,
You must be someone special!

The Day The Rains Came And The Rivers Partied

The heavens opened  up and the rain
poured down,
At first in soft showers
which steadily grew stronger,
Until the only sound was
the steady incessant drumming
on the roofs and the rattling
of the window panes.
The thunder roared encouragement,
and the lightning flashed in glee,
As the rivers shouted
“Come on guys, let’s have a party”.

The rain poured down
And the rivers rushed forward
Frothing and rumbling,
As they greeted each other.
The lands started grumbling,
But decided to give way,
For the water was taking over
And they just couldn’t stay,
The trees and shrubs
Reluctantly joined in,
The houses looked at each other
The question in their eyes,
And the waters gurgled,
“Come on in guys, cant you see
We’re having a great time? ”

The rain poured down,
And the rivers partied,
And many a reluctant one was
Forced to join in,
For the water moved everything,
That stood in its way,
And anything it didn’t want to,
Just couldn’t stay.

But when the party was over
No one was laughing,
For when the water receded,
The people were left to do,
the cleaning,
And for many, the water destroyed
The place the once called home,
Making everything empty and cold.

The sun did its best,
To bring out a smile,
As it looked down,
Steadfastly and said,
“Cheer up my dears, I am here
And I am your friend”
The sun did its best,
The waters dried up,
But for a while yet I know,
Everyone will remember the day
The rains came,
And the rivers partied!

Nothing Changes

I close my eyes and reality sinks in,
The past, the present intertwined,
A vivid contrast of what was and what is,
And yet if one digs deeply, it is clear
that nothing really changes,
People born and people die,
People get married and people get divorced,
There are the devoted parents and there
are those who don’t really care,
All living together in a world where sometimes
strange things do happen,
There is a road we all need to take,
One which path will lead us to true happiness,
Question is how many walk that path?
How many are able to find that road?
Many spend their lives searching for it,
Some not even understanding the true
meaning of happiness,
Maybe it is time to change that perspective
and begin to enjoy each day to the fullest!


Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...

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Just the other day a young woman walked free,
Upsetting a lot of people including me,
Since when we are not accountable for our children whereabouts?
To guide and protect them and watch them grow,
In this world they need that in order to survive,
Caylee didn’t get that and now she is gone,
Eternity for little Caylee came way too soon!

Apple Blossoms

Apple blossoms, the smell is in the air,
I cast aside my doubts,
The grass is green, the sky is clear,
Spring burst forth in a profusion of colors,
Replacing in its stride the gloom of winter,
The ice around my heart is melting,
The warmth of spring fills me with a rush,
Apple blossoms a spectacle of red,
Falling amid the grass,
Making a colorful array of green and red,
Along with the sunshine,
What more could one ask,
Apple blossoms, spring is here at last

Jamaican Woman

Strong woman,
Jamaican woman,
A friend, a mother, a lover,
Forced sometimes to play,
The role of a father;
For some just aren’t man enough,
To do the job.

Proud woman,
Jamaican woman,
Standing beside her man,
Loving, nurturing, providing,
Giving of herself to her family.

Warm woman,
Compassionate woman,
A queen in her own rights,
Walking proudly,
Her head held high,
I salute you,
Jamaican woman.

God Has The Answers

More Questions Than Answers

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I search the sunrise,
I search the sunset,
Seeking answers,
Which forever seem to elude me,
At the dawn of the day,
I arise and I pray,
That the father up above,
Will help me find the answers,
To the questions in my mind,
At the sinking of the sun,
And the rising of the moon,
I seem no closer to answer,
And I am still searching for the truth,
But in the twilight of my deep despair,
A little voice inside whispers,
Believe in God and trust in him,
For He has all the answers.


Little girl enjoying her breakfast with her father Stock Photo - 10257132

He seems so big and strong,
And he is a hard-working man,
Yet he is never too busy,
To give me a hug and a smile,
Or to wipe the tear from my eyes,
He remembers my birthday,
He takes me for walks,
Sometimes he plays with me in the park,
He sits and talks with me sometimes,
He says “honey you’ve got to,
Play it by the rules,
You’ve got to do your best in school,
He scolds me sometimes,
But I really don’t mind,
Because he loves me
And I love him too,
After all he is my father,
And I am proud to call him dad!