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Book Promotion

I will be doing a book promotion from July 25 to 29. During this time the kindle version on will be available to purchase for free. So grab copy and tell me what you think of the story. If you enjoy it I would appreciate you leaving me a review. Thank you all!

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Count Down Deals

Hey everyone, I am offering reduced price on this wonderful devotional journal. If you are into meditation, this will be great for you. The book comes with scripture reading, prayers and blank pages to write your affirmations.

Today the kindle version is available for only $0.99

Enjoy this short emotional romance. This is a story of heartbreak and hurt, inspired by true events. Kindle version available today for only $0.99

Be Hopeful

Often when people face disappointments they get discouraged. Some get weary of experiencing failure after failure and eventually give up. Success is never easy and the journey to get there is often long. But if you keep hope alive you are one step closer to getting the job done. So, no matter what obstacles you might face, don’t give up. One day you will get there. Just hang on.

New Release

Hey Guys I am so excited. My latest book went live today. I really enjoyed writing this one and I think it’s a great story many can relate to. The biggest mesasage is, no matter how long you are going down the wrong path there is hope for a new start and a different ending!

Daily Motivation

I love positive people, the ones who can look at a negative situation and say what can I learn from this. The ones who lift others up rather than tear others down. The ones who inspire their friends rather than waste time focusing on their enemies. The ones who see themselves as victors rather than victims. Stay positive my friends. The world needs more positive people.

New Book Release

This book is very relatable especially for young women trying to find acceptance and a feeling of belonging. It takes you throug the ups and downs, the mistakes made and starting over.

Amelia’s story is a stark reminder that although you might not be able to change the past you can take charge of your story and write a different ending.


Daily Motivation

Have Patience Don’t Give Up

File:Climbing the Money Ladder.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Life can get frustration at times especially when your best thought out plan doesn’t work out. It may seem as if you are wasting time trying when nothing seems to work out. However, never give up hope. Persistency is what will help you achieve the success you desire. So keep trying even when you feel like giving up. One day you will be glad you did.

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