Daily Motivation

Be the voice of compassion, in this negative world where people are quick to tear down others, ridicule, and criticize. We don’t all have to agree, but that does not mean we should treat others unkindly. Day by day and step by step let us learn to be kinder and more understanding.

Daily Motivation

I love positive people, the ones who can look at a negative situation and say what can I learn from this. The ones who lift others up rather than tear others down. The ones who inspire their friends rather than waste time focusing on their enemies. The ones who see themselves as victors rather than victims. Stay positive my friends. The world needs more positive people.

Daily Motivation

Everyone has Something to Offer

Create a vision for your life and do not allow your environment, the people around you or past circumstance determine how you execute your dream. Stay focused. Every so often, rather than staying focused on what is important people allow naysayers to cause them to question their judgment and as a result lose confidence. One key element in achieving success is believing that it is possible.  We all have something to offer the world.  Your contribution is important. Challenge yourself to reach for the stars.

New Book Release

This book is very relatable especially for young women trying to find acceptance and a feeling of belonging. It takes you throug the ups and downs, the mistakes made and starting over.

Amelia’s story is a stark reminder that although you might not be able to change the past you can take charge of your story and write a different ending.


Perception is not Always What it Seem

Some people are quick to form opinions without trying to get to know you. Perception is often not what it appears. A person can put on a public show to get attention but might not necessarily be genuine as they appear to be. Before forming judgment get to know the person. Some will let you in easily, others take time to open up. Sometimes the way you think about someone isn’t they way they really are when you get to know the individual.

Daily Motivation

Life has taught me never to make assumptions about people because appearance is not always what it appears to be. People may appear to be confident and have it all together yet fight daily battles that no one knows about. And often people who appear strong are seldon asked how they are doing . People simply assume that person is doing great yet that person might be the one who have struggles and put on a brave face to get through it. No matter what appearances seem it never hurts to ask, hiw are you? Are you doing ok? Sometimes all somone need is someone who will listen and understand.