Go For It

Never get tired of trying to better yourself. Never become satisfied with remaining in the same place. It is always okay to strive for more, to want the best in life. It is okay to hunger for something better, to want a brighter future. So go for it. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, go for it.

Broken Vows

Unfulfilled promises, lies, and a broken heart drove Natalie Weston from her home town in search of a fresh start. When she accepted a housekeeping job at Fletcher’s Cove, to help pay for nursing school, she had no clue her new boss was an irresistible and charismatic young Lawyer. Natalie had vowed never to let anyone near her heart again but the devilishly handsome Carson Fletcher made that promise hard to keep. Her head told her to run, but her unruly heart kept whispering, what if he is the one?

A short sizzling romance that will keep you entertained!!

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Romance Lovers

Falling in love with two men was never a part of Gabrielle’s plan. All she wanted was to be a good wife and mother. Life sent her two irresistible, attractive men. Fate would determine which one would be her forever love. Jeremy Prescott was everything she had hoped for in a husband until Connor Russell swept her off her feet. An innocent lunch invitation led to a night of passion and Gabrielle soon found herself torn between her loyalty to Jermey and her growing affection for Connor. She knew the game she played was a dangerous one. Some secrets are hard to keep.

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Create a vision for your life and do not allow your environment, the people around you or past circumstance determine how you execute your dream. Stay focused. Every so often, rather than staying focused on what is important people allow naysayers to cause them to question their judgment and as a result lose confidence. One key element in achieving success is believing that it is possible.  We all have something to offer the world.  Your contribution is important. Challenge yourself to reach for the stars.

Be Yourself

A lot of people believe in order to fit in they have to follow the crowd, do what everyone else is doing, even if it makes them uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be that way though. It’s okay to be you. Do the things you believe in even if it is not the popular trend. Acceptance means people accept you for who you are and not who they want you to be.