Bronx Fire

A tragedy That Could have Been Avoided

On Sunday January 9th seventeen people perished in a deadly apartment fire in the Bronx. A community was thrown into mourning for loved ones who have departed this earth forever. Some were young children. They died not because they had to because of their circumstances.

A space heater is presumed to be the cause of the fire. It is reported that a door was left open causing the smoke to spread through the building. Close the door they said. The open door is responsible for this tragedy. No one has so far addressed the real reason that lead to this tragedy. No one has questioned why this person or persons needed a space heater in order to keep warm during the winter months. The real reason is that fact that landlords are relinquishing their duties to provide adequate heating for their tenants. This is evident mainly in minority communities. Despite calls to 311 nothing is being done and many residents have no option but to use space heaters to keep warm.

This is not the first fire that has happened because of failure to provide heat and it will not be the last. The mayor seem to be oblivious to the heating problem in many minority communities in New York and especially in the Bronx. If he is interested in knowing I am sure 311 can furnish him with that information. On some of the coldest days there are apartment buildings in the Bronx with no heat, and no one to turn to for help. The space heater is not the problem the LACK OF HEAT that cause people to depend on space heater is the real issue. I would like to remind the Mayor and those in authority that not providing heat is illegal in the State of New York. My question is what to you plan to do about it to prevent more loss of life?

If you live in an apartment complex where their is inadequate heat, please leave a comment of where it is located. Together we must create change.

Author: marvaseaton

Marva Seaton is a Mom, Author, Blogger, and Poet. She is passionate about issues concerning woman and tries to highlight stories of those suffering abuse. She strongly believes in fairness, equality, and the empowerment of women.

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