The Seed

I planted a seed of faith,
I molded it up with hope,
I showered it with love,
Then waited for it to grow,
It grew for a while,
But then it got scorched up by the sun,
I watered it with my tears,
Refusing to let it die,
I held on to my faith’,
I continued to hope,
It struggled for awhile,
Then slowly began to grow,
And then one morning,
I looked outside my bedroom window,
To find that it had bloomed,
And I felt a burst of joy,
As my eyes behold,
The most beautiful of flowers,
That I had ever seen.

You Have To Try

There is no mountain too high,
That you can climb if you try,
There is no valley too wide,
That you can not cross if you try,
There is no obstacle too great,
That you can’t roll away,
No problem too big,
That you cannot solve,
For life is full of ups and downs,
And if you want to succeed,
You have to try.