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Today’s word is: GREGARIOUS

Pronounced: gre-gar-i-ous

Meaning: To be fond of company, sociable

Synonyms: Companionable, clubbable, hospitable genial

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Love Fires

Love Fires
Love fires burn a tender flame,
No matter the storm or rain.
A small spark,
A slow flame,
And then a blazing furnace,
When love fires burn.
Forest fires will eventually go out,
A candle will burn itself out,
The coal in the fireplace will go out,
Love fires once lit,
Will burn to eternity,
Love fires never go out.

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Morning Motivation

Woman Looking at Sea While Sitting on Beach

Sometimes life deal us terrible blows. There are people who had terrible childhoods. Memories, which haunt them even in adulthood. It is not easy to be strong when those who you look up to for support are the ones that hurt you. For your healing, to move forward, you cannot hold on to the past. Do not let what you have been through define you. Be strong and rise above your circumstances.