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Ladies don’t Demean each Other

My sisters I want you to know that God saw a purpose for our existence and thus he created us and He was pleased with His handiwork. Now there was viral video recently of a pastor demeaning women. According to him if a woman wears makeup, paints her nails or wear hair which is not her own that makes her a whore. He went on to tell the men in his congregation that if they are married to a woman who does that they are married to a whore.

I know that most of us are intelligent enough to know the definition of a whore and that these things do not make a woman a whore any more than her wearing tight or short clothing. Ironically instead of being outraged some women defended this man, believing themselves that a woman’s attire is what defines her. I was disappointed but not surprised because sadly woman are often the first to tear down other women.

While I believe that a woman ought to carry herself in a respectable manner and dress properly for church the garment she wears does not make her a whore. As women we need to lift each other up instead of tearing each other down because what is in your heart counts more than what is on your body.