Inspirational words, quote

Be Confidence

Be confident in who you are
Believe in yourself
Do not doubt your abilities
Keep a positive mindset
All these are necessary
For you to grow as an individual


Don’t be Fooled

If a man keeps walking out on you and keeps returning don’t be fooled. Don’t start thinking that he loves you and he can’t live without you so that’s the reason he keeps coming back.

First you must understand that what you have is a selfish individual who cares nothing about your happiness. The reason he keeps coming back is not because he loves you, it is because you make yourself available. Don’t be fooled.

Relationships & Society, Stop Abuse of Women

An End to Silence

There is a new revolution, the silence has been broken, women are speaking out. Our voices are powerful. Already we are seeing results.

Let us do the same for domestic violence. End the silence, speak up. Don’t protect the image of your abuser; protect your life. Expose abusers, stand up and fight.