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Leave the Past Behind

“Leave the past behind and embrace the future. Your tomorrows will be brighter than your yesterdays.”


Adapt a Positive Mindset

“I am determined to be happy despite my circumstances.  The law of attraction dictates that whatever you gravitate towards is what you will most likely end up getting.  Therefore if you want positive results rid yourself of a negative mind.”

Awake Your Mind

My new book ‘Awake Your Mind will be in book stores soon. It contains 365 thought provoking quotes that encourage you to engage in positive thoughts. For a preview you can click on this link.   Here

BookCoverPreview (1)

Let go of the Past

Do not allow your circumstances or the things that happened in your past to hold you back. It is not how you begin but what you achieve in the end that matters.”

Merry Christmas


Let go or walk away from anything or anyone that is holding you back. What you need is stepping stones not stumbling blocks.


Never Give Up


We must go on no matter what life throws our way. Giving up is not an option. Sometimes it may seem that we are fighting a losing battle but even then we must not give up the fight. We may fall but we must refuse to stay down.   As long as there is breath left in our bodies we must persevere and fight on until the battle is won.

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